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Top 4 Hottest Rising Jobs For 2019

These days finding a stable career seems to be very hard. The days of working in one job for the majority of your adult life appears to be long gone. Those who want to avoid having to work in multiple jobs through adulthood would benefit from getting into careers that are on the rise. There are several rising jobs you might want to look into for 2019, but they aren’t going to be the ones you typically think of.


Careers related to Artificial Intelligence is on the rise and seems to be taking over various spheres of life where people once ran things. Careers having to do with Robotics are advancing and will require highly skilled people to program them, repair them and build them for various purposes.


Web traffic specialists are professionals that use SEO, social media, sites such as YouTube and other online mediums to generate traffic for different business as well as a following. As computer access grows and more and more people are plugged in, these roles become in higher demand, especially cyber security. Cyber security skills are going to provide you with access to careers that have high demand for individuals with the training and drive to excel in this field.


Uber Drivers, Lyft Drivers, Food delivery drivers and many other services are booming as part time gigs to gain side income. In order to earn a respectable income with these options, you’d have to be fully committed though. Smartphone repair specialists are also on the rise as most people have smartphones, but few people have the skills to repair them. Being trained in this field gives you endless options to either work for a company or even go into business for yourself.


Careers in personal fitness are on the rise and offers great flexibility. Access to health gyms has become cheaper than ever so if you become a personal trainer, there are a plethora of clients to pursue to help provide options to earn a stable living.

The key for you to find the hottest rising jobs in 2019 is to think outside the box. Pay attention to what people are doing and what services they might need as a result.

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