9 Proven Herbs To Keep You Healthy And Strong

Being healthy and strong should be everyone’s topmost concern during these times. While the most vulnerable sectors of the community to COVID 19 are those with weak immunity, it is but logical that people should focus more on strengthening their immune systems. This will surely help ward off the disease-causing entities, ensuring that you will stay healthy and strong.

A person’s immune system is his first line of defense against sickness. Choosing a healthy lifestyle is the best way to boost your immunity. To start with your lifestyle change and ensure that you are healthy and strong amidst all the health hazards that we have right now, it is best to know about herbs that are helpful in enhancing the body’s ability to fight off diseases. Here are nine proven herbs to keep you healthy and strong:


This fast-growing plant is native to the Indian subcontinent although it is now cultivated in many tropical countries. It contains many healthful compounds such as vitamins A, B, and C, and minerals such as calcium potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

Its rich vitamin C content which is 7x that of orange makes it a powerful immunity booster. Aside from that, it is proven that moringa, with all its nutrients, strengthens cells, bones, eyes, muscles, and connective tissues. It also helps heal the body from injuries.


Turmeric is an important spice in Indian cuisine. But more than its culinary importance, it is a powerful herb that can help us maintain a healthy and strong body. Its active ingredient, curcumin, is a phytochemical that can remove toxins from your system. You can consume turmeric by adding it to dishes or drinking it as tea.


This popular spice is highly nutritious. It is packed with manganese, vitamins B and C, selenium, and fibers among others. Other than widely known to cure a common cold, it is also proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It may also prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This means that garlic is good for your physical and mental health.


There can be no part of this plant that can be spared as the leaves, bark, seeds, roots, flowers, and fruits can be used for their anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. With its constant use, your body can be kept safe from pathogens.

Neem is also an excellent body cleanser. It can purify the blood of harmful toxins that may make you susceptible to a host of diseases. With clean blood running through your vessels, nutrients will be carried to all your cells making you energetic and strong.


Ginger has always been used in traditional medicine to treat flu and the common cold. This root crop is full of antioxidants that boost the immune system and kill pathogens. With its ability to improve respiratory conditions, it may be helpful against COVID 19. Ginger can be used as a spice to dishes, tea, or you can eat it raw.


This herb is a well-known adaptogen which means that it can help the body resist stressors to the body, thereby, its use can ensure physical and mental health. Stress can make our body function differently. It can also lower our immune response which can make us more vulnerable to diseases.


Also known as tulsi, basil has powerful phytochemicals and antioxidants that can destroy pathogens that enter the body. You will have no problem taking in this herb as it is aromatic and does not possess any disgusting taste. You can chew it raw or use it to spice up dishes.

Black Cumin

The black cumin or fennel flower is an annual flowering plant endemic to western Asia and Europe. Its fruit has black seeds which are used as a spice for its distinctive flavor. It has lots of antioxidants that help the body flush out free radicals decreasing your chances of developing cancer and other diseases.


Triphala is actually a combination of three dried fruits, amala, bibhitaki, and haritaki. The combination makes a more powerful remedy for a number of health problems, like inflammation, indigestion, cancer, high cholesterol, and many others because it is rich in vitamins C and A and other nutrients.

During these times, we should take care of our bodies to be healthy and strong all the time. With all these herbs helping us boost our immune system, it may not be an impossible task. But besides proven herbs, we should also exercise, have quality sleep, and do away with an unhealthy lifestyle like smoking, unprotected sex, and heavy drinking. We should also always follow standard health protocols.

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