7 Apps That You Can Use To Sell Your Stuff Fast

We live in a technological age that allows us to do things we never thought possible. The internet and the various devices invented has changed the way the world operates. Your advantages to implementing and sharing to the world your views and products is immense. People have recognized the possibilities of using such innovation and have gotten on board. 

If you are someone who has a business and products for sale, the internet is your friend. That said, you can choose from a variety of ways to sell your brand. To know more about your options, follow along to learn more about these apps that can help you sell stuff fast.

Decluttr App

If you want fast cash and need a platform to sell your unwanted items, Decluttr is an excellent choice. The app, launched in 2013, has received a lot of publicity of late. They accept cellphones, consoles, video games, tablets, textbooks, and more. If you want to learn more about the products you can sell, visit the app store and download Decluttr. Payment methods are by check, direct deposit, or PayPal. The app is available on Android and iOS platforms.


Chairish is another app that you can use to sell your products fast online. Like Decluttr, its launch was in 2013, and it has seen a gradual rise in member users. The app is known for selling art accessories, vintage furniture, and home accessories. You can list items for free, but they must be of high quality. This practice ensures you get a reasonable price for your items. You can download this app from the iOS store. Chairish payment methods are PayPal, credit and debit cards, and direct deposits.


Selling your products online is possible with the Letgo app. The app’s launch was in 2015 and had a value above one billion dollars. It allows persons to sell old items for cash and also has a desktop version. The app has a location-based system that means the search per individual is location integrated. Payment methods are cards and most online payment selections. The app has millions of downloads on the Android and iOs stores platforms. 


VarageSale is an app established in 2012 that sells various items with a garage sale like experience. You can offer clients used or new products on the platform. This app has available security around the clock to deal with fraud and theft. The app has a large space that spans most countries, and you can download it from Android and iOS. Payments methods are PayPal.


One of the oldest apps on this list is ThredUP, launched in 2009, its a very distinguished fashion platform that offers resale items. You can sell clothes that aren’t new but in excellent condition for fast cash. The process includes ordering a clean out- kit bag. Return the same bag to ThredUP, who will pay once items have approval. The methods of payment are PayPal, Visa prepaid cards, and shopping credit from ThredUP. Download the app from iOS and Android.


Another option for selling items for fast cash is the OfferUp app. Like the others before it, this app is available on iOS and Android platforms. OfferUp launch date is 2011, and other writers make comparisons to eBay. The app allows for buyer/seller feedback and has a chat feature. Buyers are allowed to negotiate a price listed for sale, something many other apps don’t offer. This app allows buyers to collect in person from a buyer or through its online shipping option.


Poshmark has millions of users since its inception in 2011. The app has become popular with many would-be sellers and buyers who are seeking a deal. The app has made billions in sales since its launch and allows persons to sell used items in a desirable condition.

A prepaid shipping label is sent to any seller if an item has sold. You will find an added benefit to anyone who may consider using this app to make fast cash. Download from Android and iOS. The payment method is Paypal and direct deposits.

As you have seen, there are multiple ways you can sell new and used items online. In many cases, you just need to take photos, upload, describe the product and pricing. Once a buyer sees your product and buys or offers a price depending on the app, you make money. I am sure you will find this an excellent way to be an entrepreneur. It is also a great way to sell unwanted items that are in good standing.

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