8 Warning Signs You Could Be Having A Stroke

Are you worried that you’re at risk for a stroke? Do you want to take measures in order to ensure you can minimize long term damage or even save your life if you do experience one? A lot of people fear having a stroke more than they do a heart attack. A stroke can leave you paralyzed on one side of your body and impact your ability to speak or experience life normally again as a result. Strokes tend to happen as a result of people either being at higher risk due to race or due to having high blood pressure.

Here are some clear warning signs you shouldn’t ignore:

Different muscular problems which would include having a hard time walking, instability, paralysis with weak muscles, issues with coordination, stiff muscles, reflexes that are overactive or paralysis of one side of the body.

Visual problems. These could include blurred vision, double vision, a sudden loss of vision or just temporary loss of sight in one eye.

Whole body issues such as fatigue, lightheadedness or vertigo.

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