7 Things That Should Never Go Down Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is designed to grind up food and can handle a lot, but there are some things it just can’t process. These items can clog up your garbage disposal which can cause a lot of issues and cost you a lot of money to repair. Here are seven common pieces of waste that can cause problems if you try to put them in the garbage disposal.

1. Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts are definitely something to keep out of your disposal, since they expand and then cause clogged drains.

2. Pasta  And Rice

That unfinished pasta and rice needs to be placed into the garbage can and not down your garbage disposal. These foods can continue to expand in your garbage disposal every time they come into contact with water and it therefore clogs your drain.

3. Asparagus And Celery

The strings of asparagus and celery can wrap around a garbage disposal’s blades making it difficult to dispose.

4. Egg Shells

Shells have stringy membranes that can wrap around your the shredder, it then turns into a sand-like material, which then can clog pipes.

5. Coffee Grounds

When you dump coffee grounds into the garbage disposal, they typically fall below the shredders. Over time, they form a sludge, which can cause a slow clog.

6. Grease

Grease, oil and other fatty substances often get dumped down garbage disposals and spread a film over the blades. This makes your blades less effective, causes decay and also an unpleasant scent.

7. Bones

Any size bones down the disposal can be an issue, even small fish and chicken bones shouldn’t go down the drain. They’ll mostly just spin in the unit until they make it past the blades and then cause a clog.You should also clean your garbage disposal on a monthly basis with a mix of vinegar and baking soda to remove any buildup or bacteria.

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