7 Amazing Uses for Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been known for years to relieve sunburn and to help heal wounds, but it also has much more amazing uses such as for medical reasons to name a few. Researches are just beginning to unlock the benefits of this universal plant and its many byproducts. Here are few uses of note.

Relief of Heartburn

Studies show that having 1 to 3 ounces of aloe gel at mealtime could reduce the severity of heartburn and other digestion-related problems. The plant’s low toxicity makes it a safe and gentle remedy for heartburn.

Keeps Produce Fresh

Coating your produce with aloe vera has been proven to block the growth of many types of harmful bacteria. Aloe gel could help fruits and vegetables stay fresh and eliminate the need for dangerous chemicals that extend the shelf life of produce.

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Mouthwash Alternative

Aloe vera extract has a healthy dose of vitamin C that can block plaque. It can also provide relief if you have bleeding or swollen gums so it makes for a safe and effective alternative to chemical based mouthwashes.  

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Lower Your Blood Sugar

If you have type 2 diabetes, you may want to look into doing more research on the benefits of aloe vera juice. There have been studies that show that ingesting two tablespoons of aloe vera juice per day can cause blood sugar levels to fall. However, those who take glucose-lowering medications should use caution when consuming aloe vera.

Natural Laxative

Aloe vera is considered a natural laxative that aids in digestion. It has been known to aid in relieving constipation once used sparingly.

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Skin Care

The water-dense leaves combined with its complex carbohydrates, makes aloe vera an effective face moisturizer and pain reliever. This allows it to keep your skin clear and hydrated.

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