5 Most Popular Diet Fads Reviewed

Many people promise themselves that they are going to eat healthier hoping to lose some weight and be fit. They start going to the gym and work hard to achieve their fitness goals. Others turn to different types of diets with the hope that doing so will help them attain better results and the figure they desire faster.

Although fad diets have been very controversial, people still take advantage of them, believing that their claims are true. We have compiled the 5 most popular fad diets for your review to see if any of them might provide the results you are looking for:

1.     Ketogenic Diet

This diet is based on ketosis, which is a metabolic state wherein it is the fats that provide most of the fuel for the body. As they get burnt, an individual will then lose weight.

Put simply, the ketogenic diet is a very-low carb, high-fat diet plan. For weight loss, it will work.  However, it could also have a few negative impacts on your health because of the consumption of food items that are high in saturated fats. It may work short-term, but it is not really recommended to be utilized for a long time.

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