10 Things You Should Never Keep In The Freezer

Although you can freeze just about anything, some things can be virtually unrecognizable once they’ve been frozen and thawed. Some foods just don’t hold up after being frozen. Here are 10 things you should never keep in the freezer.

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Salad Greens

If you want crisp, flavorful greens, then don’t put them in the freezer. Greens will wilt and become soft and limp after they’re frozen, and will definitely lose their flavor.

4 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Never Keep In The Freezer

  1. Agree with almost everything. Much of it is common sense, but shredded hard cheeses freeze just fine. Been doing it for years.

  2. I tried putting raw eggs in the freezer, having read about freezing, slicing, and then cooking the resultant slices in butter. Shells didn’t break, and the medallions of egg were really good on toast!

  3. Milk freezes just fine. Thaw in the refrigerator until completely thawed and shake well. The taste is no different than fresh bought. I’ve done this many times with no problems. Of course, you don’t leave it in the freezer forever but a couple of weeks won’t hurt.

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